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Operating Instructions for a Dewalt 1150 Planer

The DeWalt 1550 planer is a bench-top model used for planing smaller pieces of wood. A planer cuts the edge of a piece of wood to create a 90-degree surface to the face of the wood. This gives you the ability to glue two pieces of wood together and achieve one flat surface. A planer has many uses in home construction and remodeling, such as planing boards for molding or even for staircases. The operating instructions for the DeWalt 1550 planer are straightforward.

Things You'll Need

  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection
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      Place the base of your precision square on the outfeed table. The outfeed table is the table mounted to the left of the cutter blade. Rotate the blade so the tip rests upward. Slide the cutter blade half over the blade and half over the table. Lower or raise the table until the cutter blade is flush with the level of the table. This means that the base of the precision square rests firmly on the table and still touches the tip of the blade.

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      Place the precision square on the infeed table and rest the back of the square against the fence. The fence is the wall on the back of the table that you press the wood against. The infeed table is the table on the left of the cutter blade.

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      Adjust the fence until you cannot see any gaps between the table and square or fence and square. This confirms a 90-degree angle. If you prefer a different angle, such as a 45-degree angle, use an adjustable square, set it at the desired angle and then set the fence to that angle.

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      Turn on the machine via the power button.

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      Place the face of the board or the wide side of the board against the fence, and hold it tightly against the fence.

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      Slide the board from left to right over the cutter blade in a smooth and consistent motion until the entire board reaches the other side of the blade. Repeat this step until you've achieved a consistent cut across the edge of the board.