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How to Attach a Bagger to My Riding Mower

Having a bagger attachment on your riding lawn mower can make cleanup an easier task. Most riding mower companies offer bagger attachments. This bagger attachment allows the operator to insert lawn bags into the polyester mesh collection bags, saving even more time. A full-bag indicator eliminates guessing as to when the bagger is full. Attaching the bagger should take less than two hours and no tools are required.


    • 1

      Press the clutch-brake pedal fully and set the parking brake. Put the gearshift into the neutral position and put the attachment clutch into the disengaged position. Turn the ignition to the off position and remove the key. Disconnect the spark plug wire from the spark plug and secure it in a location away from the spark plug.

    • 2

      Set out and identify all parts that come with your bagger. Locate the shoulder bolts on the rear drawbar of the riding mower. These are mounting brackets for the bagger support assembly.

    • 3

      Slide the tabs on the support assembly of the bagger onto the shoulder bolts. This one assembly is what holds the bagger unit onto the mower.

    • 4

      Align the bracket on the bagger cover assembly with the support assembly, and slide the cover bracket over the support assembly. Lift the cover so it is in the open position. You will see the brackets that hold the mesh containers in place.

    • 5

      Install the left container first, sliding it into place so the container handles are facing outward. Install the right side in the same manner. The left edge of the right container overlaps the right edge of the left container on the center support.

    • 6

      Raise the deflector shield on the riding mower and hold it in the upright position. Hold the lower chute of the bagger over the mounting tab on the mower. Hook the rear latch on the bagger through the flange hole on the mower. Do the same for the front latch and tab hole. Release the deflector so it rests on the lower chute.

    • 7

      Set the mower to its lowest cutting position. Place the curved end of the upper chute into the hole in the back of the bagger cover. While pushing the chute into the cover, turn it until it is in line with the lower chute. Align the chutes so that the slots on the upper chute match up with the boss holes on the lower chute. Hook the hole in the latch over the latch pin.

    • 8

      Re-attach the spark plug wire to the spark plug. Set the mower height to the desired cutting length. Engage the attachment clutch. Turn on the riding mower and cut grass to test the bagger attachment.