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How to Solve Bubbles in the Hot Tub

Bubbles, or frothy foam, are a common hot tub problem. They're caused by having too many solids, such as water-care chemicals, dissolved in the tub's water. These solids, which also include things such as laundry detergent residue, hair care products and body lotions or creams that shed from people, are known as Total Dissolved Solids. The Total Dissolved Solids cling to the air bubbles produced by the jets in the tub, rising to the surface of the water and building up. To keep the water clean, you must keep the solids from accumulating.

Things You'll Need

  • High-quality hot tub chemicals
  • Anti-foam product
  • Baseball cap or hair barrette
  • Washing machine
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      Choose high-quality hot tub chemicals instead of cheap brands that contain fillers, which can add to the bubble problem. Follow the instructions and use the proper amount. Too much chemical can cause build up of Total Dissolved Solids.

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      Clean or replace the filters every time you add water-care chemicals to the hot tub. An efficient filtering system will help remove the build up caused by the chemicals.

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      Remove and replace one-third of the water in the hot tub every month. Completely drain and refill all the water every three months.

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      Use an anti-foam additive that's designed for hot tubs. Follow the manufacturer's directions in order to get the best results. This product will help prevent the bubbles from forming, as well as remove existing foam.

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      Take a shower before you use the hot tub to remove dirt, sweat and any skin-care products. Or don't apply skin products, including deodorant, before using the tub. If you must apply deodorant before getting in the hot tub, use as little as possible.

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      Launder bathing suits you wear in the hot tub without using detergent. That will help rinse the detergent residue out of the fabric so it doesn't end up in the tub water.