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How to Connect Carpet Tile Together

Carpet tiles allow you to replace a stained area instead of replacing the entire carpet. Multiple carpet tiles connect together to create one big piece of carpet. Interlocking tiles create a seamless floor covering without the need for professional carpet laying tools and supplies. A variety of colors and patterns make carpet tiles a viable option for home decor. It isn't difficult to learn how to connect the tiles.


    • 1

      Observe the back of each carpet tile and locate the directional arrow. Every tile must be connected with the arrow pointing in the same direction as the previously placed tiles.

    • 2

      Set the first tile in a corner of the room. Align the edge of the second tile with the edge of the first tile.

    • 3

      Stagger the interlocking hooks and press them together, using your finger. Repeat this process for connecting all of the tiles in the first course. Every course after the first course will require connecting three of the tile sides together.