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What Are Refurbished Stand Mixers?

Stand mixers can speed up and ease your cooking and baking processes, but they can be quite expensive. One way to cut costs is to purchase a stand mixer that has been refurbished. These are machines that the manufacturer is attempting to resell. Always check with the seller, however, to determine what requirements the stand mixer has to pass in order to be resold.
  1. Stand Mixers

    • Stand mixers are fitted with an attachment that whirls around a bowl to mix food. Most stand mixers, such as the KitchenAid mixer, come with three attachments. The whisk is for whipping foods such as eggs and cream. The hook is for kneading dough and the mixer is for mixing stiffer dough such as cookie batter. Stand mixers also have a variety of other attachments that connect to the engine. These include grinders, ice cream churners and slicers among others.

    Refurbished Stand Mixers

    • Refurbished stand mixers are machines that a customer, retailer or trucking company has returned to the manufacturer. In some cases the stand mixer was used, and in other cases it is in mint condition. Most stand mixers have been inspected to make sure they are in working order. They should always be clean when you receive them. Some manufacturers guarantee that the machine will work for a set period of time, while others don't. These machines are cheaper than a brand new product.

    Purchasing Refurbished Stand Mixers

    • Check with the manufacturer to determine what exactly they needed to check on the machine to be able to resell it. Make sure the machine has been tested completely. The manufacturer should be able to guarantee that it works with a warranty. If not, the machine should be heavily discounted. Ask the manufacturer if the machine will have scratches or other cosmetic damage on it. Factor this possibility into the price of the machine.


    • Some manufacturers, such as KitchenAid, include a warranty with refurbished stand mixers. The warranty normally expires sooner than a brand new stand mixer's would. Most warranties are void if the manufacturer finds out that the machine was used improperly or if the damage resulted from the owner's negligence. Many manufacturers will offer a period of time where you can return the stand mixer and get all of your money back.