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What Are Gas Regulators?

Gas regulators reduce gas pressure in cylinders or containers, such as propane tanks, keeping the gas at a safe and constant pressure.
  1. Material

    • Gas regulators are typically made of stainless steel or brass. Stainless steel resists corrosion better than brass, so it is the preferred metal when the contained gas is corrosive, such as ammonia or chlorine gas.

    Single Vs. Two-Stage

    • Single-stage gas regulators reduce gas pressure in one step. Two-stage gas regulators reduce gas pressure in two steps, one deeper in the container and one near the opening. Generally, if the container or cylinder will be used for a short time, a single-stage regulator is sufficient. If the gas storage will be long term, then a two-stage gas regulator is needed.

    Other Gas Regulators

    • Other types of gas regulators include integral two-stage regulators, commonly used on residential propane tanks; high-pressure regulators, commonly used in industrial settings; and propane bottle regulators, used on barbecue grill propane containers.


    • Only licensed professionals should install gas regulators. Gas regulators should be inspected frequently and replaced every 15 to 25 years. Damaged regulators should be replaced immediately.