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How to Quick Release a Kohler Rutledge Toilet Seat

The Kohler Grip-Tight Rutledge toilet seat is manufactured from stain-resistant plastic, and the seat gets its Grip-Tight name because it does not shift from side to side during use. The toilet seat features a Quiet-Close lid to prevent slamming and Quick-Attach hardware for easy installation. The toilet seat is designed with the company's Quick-Release system, which allows you to quickly remove the seat for cleaning of both the seat and the toilet itself. No tools are needed for this task.


    • 1

      Close the lid of the toilet seat to access the quick release hinges on the rear of the seat.

    • 2

      Lift on each cap from the rear of the cap, on the side nearest the toilet tank, and lift the caps.

    • 3

      Pull the toilet seat toward you, away from the tank, to remove it from the toilet.