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Government Help With Hurricane Damage to a Home

Hurricanes are tropical pressure systems that plague the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic coastal areas. The aftermath of a hurricane is devastating to everyone affected. Some government assistance is available for home cleanup and repair.
  1. FEMA

    • Applications are available from FEMA for housing needs such as temporary housing, repairs, replacement and permanent housing construction. For FEMA to operate in your area, the area must be declared a disaster by the president or in some cases, the governor of the state.

    Small Business Administration

    • The Small Business Administration has loans available for homeowners for disaster-related repairs to personal property and home repairs. Homeowners must complete an application process before a loan approval.


    • Before applying for grants or loans from the Small Business Administration or FEMA, you must file a claim with your insurance company. Damages that are not covered by your homeowners insurance are considered for a grant or loan through these government agencies.