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How to Wire a Harbor Breeze Remote Ceiling Fan

A Harbor Breeze remote ceiling fan gives homeowners the convenience of remote fan operation along with the cost-reducing heating and cooling benefits that ceiling fans provide. Harbor Breeze is sold exclusively by Lowes, who also offers installation services. Those homeowners who wish to wire the Harbor Breeze remote ceiling fan themselves will find that it is a moderately simple project. Each model is different, so check your Hampton Bay remote ceiling fan installation guide for full details on your specific fan.

Things You'll Need

  • Ceiling fan kit
  • Circuit tester
  • Metal electric ceiling box
  • Wire strippers
  • Wire connectors
  • Electrical tape
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill with driver and bit
  • Ladder
  • Pliers
  • Safety glasses
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      Access the main house breaker box to turn off the power to the location where you will be wiring the fan. Use a circuit tester to ensure no lines are still hot. If a light is installed there, remove it by unscrewing the canopy or cover with your drill or screwdriver and by disconnecting the wires. Unscrew and remove the electrical box if it is plastic or if it will not support the weight of a ceiling fan. Replace it with a metal box or an expandable bracket.

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      Position the assembled Harbor Breeze ceiling fan in the bracket, using a ladder and possibly an assistant.

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      Locate the neutral electrical box wire, usually white. If colored tape has been applied to the wire, stop and contact an electrician, since the wire's use may have been altered and it is no longer neutral. Locate the white wire on the fan. Connect the wires by first stripping 1/2 inch of coating off both wires with the wire stripper. Then insert both wires into a wire connector and twist the connector. Finally, wrap electrical tape around the connections.

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      Connect the green fan wire to the green or bare copper grounding wire in the electrical box. Tape the connection so no wire is exposed. Contact a professional if your house is old and does not have a green or copper ground wire.

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      Connect the remaining wire in the remote fan to a hot wire from the house's electrical box. The hot wire is usually black, but may be red. If there are additional hot wires, cap them off for later use by twisting a wire nut over each end and securing them with electrical tape.

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      Tuck all the wire connections into the electrical box and secure the fan cover or canopy over the electrical box using the screws included with your Harbor Breeze remote fan installation kit.

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      Turn the power on and test your Harbor Breeze remote ceiling fan.