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How to Fix an Ariens Snowblower That Will Not Blow

The Ariens snowblower is used to clear walkways and driveways that have recent snowfall. There are several reasons that you might have problems with your snowblower. Common issues are found in the battery, the key switch, fuel and the friction disc. You can fix most of these problems yourself without having to employ an Ariens technician. However, there are several repairs that should be taken care of by a certified Ariens mechanic.

Things You'll Need

  • Fuel
  • Voltmeter
  • New battery
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      Fill the fuel tank if your engine will not start or crank. Go to the side of the snowblower and check the fuel shutoff valve. This is on the bottom of the fuel tank. Open the fuel shutoff valve to release fuel into the engine.

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      Insert your key into the key switch and turn the switch to the "Run" position. The blower will not run unless the switch is in the "Run" position. Look over the battery and make sure that you have tight connections from the battery terminals to the battery cables.

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      Test the battery with a voltmeter if the snowblower will not start. Hold the testing leads over the battery for the charge reading. If you aren't getting at least 11 volts from the battery, replace it with a new one.

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      Remove any debris from the exhaust vent on the back of the snowblower if the blower is turning off intermittently. Air can clog the system and cause overheating in the engine. Replace the fuel inside the gas tank with fresh fuel if the engine is stopping. Condensation could have gotten into the fuel tank.

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      Check over the shear bolts and the auger if you aren't getting the right amount of power in the system. Have a certified professional replace the auger belt or shear bolts if they have become worn or broken. Also have a technician check your friction discs for wear. Replace the friction discs if needed.