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I Have a Hole in My Pond & Need to Repair It

Ponds can acquire holes for myriad reasons. Concrete ponds are subject to cracking and holing due to natural shifts in the earth. PVC or plastic liner ponds can be torn or punched by any manner of animal or person or falling rock. Fixing a pond liner is a matter of determining which type of pond needs repairing and acquiring the right equipment. Patching a hole in a PVC liner may take several attempts depending on the location and severity of the hole. Some pond liners simply must be replaced.

Things You'll Need

  • Pool plaster
  • Plaster knife
  • EPDM/PVC liner patch
  • Firestone Seam Prep
  • Hairdryer
  • Heavy-duty scissors
  • Salt
  • Scrub brush
  • Fishnet
  • Container for fish
  • Measuring tape
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    • 1

      Confirm the material used to form the base of the pond. Ponds are usually made from pool plaster or concrete, a preformed plastic or a plastic liner.

    • 2

      Remove any fish with fishnet and place in a container filled with the pond water.

    • 3

      Turn off the pump. Detach the pump hose from the filter and drape over the side of the pond. If the size of the pond is small enough to contain the water pumped out, then place the filter end of the pump hose in a container to hold the water. Turn on the pump. Pump the water from the pond.

    • 4

      Apply dry salt to the scrub brush. Clean the area around the hole. Remove all algae, calcium buildup and filth.

    • 5

      Blow dry the area around the hole.

    • 6

      Apply plaster over the hole with the plaster knife to concrete or plaster ponds. Plaster in the deepest part of the hole first and then work outwards until the surface of the pool is flat with only a discoloration where the new plaster has been applied. Allow the plaster to dry.

    • 7

      Measure the length and width of the hole on the PVC pond liner. Cut enough EPDM/PVC patch to cover the hole. You may need several patches to cover the hole. Warm the area around the hole with a blow dryer. Apply Firestone Seam Prep around the edge of the hole. Quickly remove the backing from the EPDM/PVC patches that you have cut. Press the patch over the hole. Layer patches where necessary. Apply seam prep to any areas of the patch that are over another patch. Allow to dry.

    • 8

      Reattach the pump hose to the filter. Refill the pond with water. Turn on the filter. Return fish to their home.