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How to Repair a Plastic Pond

The most common problem a plastic pond will give you is leaking or cracking. If you have a plastic pond that is black you probably have an EPDM rubber pond or you have a Permalon hard plastic pond. There are many patch kits to cover the leaks, but for some, like the Permalon plastic, there are not any products that stick to the plastic. If you use a crack patch kit it will not prevent the crack from expanding. A better fix is a flexible pond liner, which will work with any type of material and allow you to cover the cracks.

Things You'll Need

  • Flexible pond liner
  • Utility knife
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    • 1

      Empty out all the water and all the objects in the pond. Let the pond dry for two days to ensure there is no water left.

    • 2

      Place the flexible pond liner in the pond. Push the pond liner in all the corners so the liner is touching the bottom of the pond. Leave excess pond liner hanging on the outside of the pond.

    • 3

      Fill the pond with water. Ensure the ends of the excess pond liner do not fall into the pond.

    • 4

      Place rocks or structures to hold the excess pond liner around the perimeter of the pond.

    • 5

      Cut the excess pond liner that you cannot cover with rocks or structures. Use the utility knife to cut the excess liner.