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How to Route My Plumbing to an Outdoor Sprinkler System

Adding a sprinkler system to your house adds value and makes it easier to keep your lawn looking its best. The first step to adding a new sprinkler system is to route the main supply line to the outdoors. The simplest method is to tap into an existing outdoor faucet, which will minimize the modification required of your existing system. This process will require the use of several tools, and a basic knowledge of plumbing.

Things You'll Need

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Galvanized steel pipe nipple
  • Y adapter (optional)
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      Turn the main water valve 90 degrees to the off position. The main water valve is probably located in a basement or crawl space, and has a yellow handle. It's likely located near where the water pipe enters the house.

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      Identify a faucet outside where you want to install the sprinklers, and open the valve all the way to drain any water inside the pipe.

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      Place an adjustable pipe wrench around the hex nut on the faucet, and turn the entire faucet counterclockwise to remove it.

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      Place a galvanized steel pipe nipple into the fitting on the pipe where the faucet used to be. Turn the nipple with the wrench until tight. At this point, you can choose to install a Y-adapter and continue using the port for both a faucet and the sprinkler system. Or, you may simply attach the sprinkler system manifold to the new pipe nipple.

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      Screw the Y-adapter into the pipe nipple, if desired. Attach the old faucet by turning it clockwise into the top of the Y adapter until tight.