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Hedge Cutting Equipment

In order to maintain both the health and neat form of a hedge, it is necessary to routinely prune or cut it. To yield the best results, it's important to use the proper equipment. Hedge cutting equipment is not complicated. There are a few options to successfully tend to the task.
  1. Hedge Shears

    • Hedge shears are cutting tools that look like large scissors and allow you to manually trim your hedges. They are designed to cut several small branches at one time. Hedge shears are designed to use on woody material up to ½ inch thick. They are best for succulent or small stems that are to be cut no more than 3/8 of an inch. Hedge shears are available in different blades, including straightedge, curved, wavy or serrated. Serrated blades tend to stay sharp longer.

    Powered Shears

    • Powered hedge shears allow for a more precise cut without as much effort. Some powered shears have two blades for cutting, which vary in length from 16 to 22 inches. A 16-inch blade is good for light to moderate trimming; an 18-inch blade is good for large-scale or general-purpose trimming; a 20-inch blade is good for heavy-duty trimming, and a 22-inch blade is ideal for constant, heavy-duty use. When hedge trimming takes longer than one hour, it is a good idea to consider using a powered shear for cutting.

    Gas-Powered Shears

    • Gas-powered shears provide the most power for cutting hedges. While they weigh more than their electric counterparts, gas-powered shears give a better cut because they cut with two blades. Gas trimmers can handle tougher material, but they produce more noise.

    Electric-Powered Shears

    • Electric-powered shears are lightweight, quiet and easy to maintain. Without lengthy extension cords, the units are limited in their use because of their need for electricity. They are sufficient for most home trimming, and use a single blade to cut.