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How to Build a Joesph Truini Colonial Style Shed

Adding a garden shed to a yard is an easy way to create extra storage space for all of the outdoor items that clutter up a garage. Joesph Truini is a writer for the home improvement section of the magazine Popular Mechanics. He has built a colonial-style shed with plenty of storage space that can also be partitioned off to create a play area for children in addition to extra storage space. Before beginning any building project, check with your local building department to make sure you obtain all of the necessary permits.

Things You'll Need

  • Crushed gravel (optional)
  • 12 concrete blocks
  • 2x4 lumber
  • 2x8 pressure-treated lumber
  • 2x6 pressure-treated lumber
  • Hammer
  • 16-penny galvanized nails
  • 3/4-inch tongue-in-groove plywood
  • 8-penny galvanized nails
  • Miter saw
  • 1-inch roofing nails
  • Plywood gussets
  • Plywood
  • Drill
  • Wood screws
  • 3-inch deck screws
  • 1/2-inch plywood
  • 1x6 tongue-in-groove cedar planks
  • 1-inch stock
  • 1 1/2-inch wood screws
  • Strap hinges
  • Barn sash windows
  • Siding and paint
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  1. Build the Foundation and Floor

    • 1

      Choose the location for your shed. The shed is 10 feet by 16 feet and should be built on a level surface. If the area is likely to collect rainwater, spread a 10- by 16-foot rectangle of crushed gravel out before you begin building to prevent soil erosion.

    • 2

      Place four of the concrete blocks in the four corners of the building area, making sure that they mark out a 10-foot by 16-foot space. Arrange the rest of the blocks so they make three rows of four blocks, each 59 inches apart.

    • 3

      Place a straight 2x4 that is at least 10 feet long across a row of blocks. Place a four-foot level on the 2x4 to make sure all of the blocks are level. Use roofing materials or patio pavers to shim up any low blocks. Check each row in both directions.

    • 4

      Cut three 2x8 pieces of pressure-treated lumber to 16 feet in length using a circular saw. Lay them flat on top of the three rows of four concrete blocks. Cut two pieces of 2x6 pressure-treated lumber to 16 feet and nail them to the two outer 2x8s with a hammer and 16-penny galvanized nails.

    • 5

      Cut 2x6 pressure treated lumber to 116 inches. Place one joist on either open end of the framing and nail them in place. Nail the remaining joists 16 inches apart on center.

    • 6

      Bolt one steel-cabled ground anchor to each of the four corners of the flooring and drive the spikes into the ground. Nail sheets of 3/4-inch tongue-in-groove plywood to the floor joists with 8-penny galvanized nails. Measure and cut as necessary.

    Build the Trusses and Walls

    • 7

      Cut 6 1/2-foot-long pieces of 2x4 lumber with a 40-degree angle on one end of each piece, two for each truss. Cut the angle with a miter saw. Cut one 10-foot piece of 2x4 lumber for the bottom of each truss.

    • 8

      Lay out two of the shorter pieces and one longer one on the floor of the shed and nail together with 1-inch roofing nails and a plywood gusset. Repeat with each truss.

    • 9

      Cut four pieces of 10-foot 2x4 lumber and four that are 16 feet long for the top and bottom of the walls. Cut wall studs to the height you prefer from 2x4s.

    • 10

      Lay out the top and bottom pieces for one 10-foot side wall. Lay studs in on each end and along the length of the wall spaced 24 inches on center. Nail the wall together with 16-penny nails.

    • 11

      Nail plywood onto one side of the wall, extending it over the bottom by 6 inches to cover the floor joists. Raise the wall into place and screw in through the bottom 2x4 with a drill and wood screws. Build and raise the rear wall next, then the front wall, and finally build and place the final side wall.

    Install the Roof and Finish the Shed

    • 12

      Cut and nail plywood onto two of the trusses to make end trusses. Install the end trusses over each 10-foot wall with 3-inch deck screws.

    • 13

      Install one truss over each wall stud with deck screws. Cover the roof with 1/2-inch plywood and then install the roofing of your choice.

    • 14

      Build doors from 1x6 tongue-in-groove cedar boards. Cut the battens from 1-inch stock and attach with 1 1/2-inch screws. Cut out the doorway and hang with strap hinges.

    • 15

      Purchase wooden barn sash windows and install in the sides of the building as directed by the manufacturer. Install the siding of your choice and paint if necessary.