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How to Build Small Storage Sheds

A storage shed is great place for outdoor tools and equipment. It is also a great place for "honey do" projects that clutter up the garage. Storage sheds takes some pre-planning. Check your local building codes to see if a building permit is required. Storage sheds can be built on a wood subfloor or concrete foundation and are easy to build and very affordable.

Things You'll Need

  • Shed plans
  • Material quote
  • Framing package from lumber yard
  • Paint
  • Circular saw
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      Determine where to put the shed. The location should be easily accessible, on a level surface and visually appealing.

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      Prepare the site by removing any existing grass and level soil. A rototiller, sod cutter or shovel will work. Pour a 4-inch concrete pad or build a wood foundation. Take your plans to the local lumber yard for a quote for the foundation and shed framing materials. Refer to the specifications from the lumber yard when constructing the wood foundation and framing.

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      Build the walls of the shed out of 2x4's at 16 inches on center. Use one bottom plate of pressure treated lumber and two 2x4's for the top plate to tie the walls together. Sheath the exterior with a exterior siding of your choice. Cut out any window and door openings that you framed in. Attach the walls to the foundation with the appropriate fasteners for the type of foundation you used. Install windows and doors, then trim with 1x4's in the framing package.

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      Frame the the roof with the appropriate 2x lumber specified by the lumber yard. Cut the OSB (orientated strand board) sheathing to size and nail to the roof framing. Install felt paper and shingles. Trim the exterior corners and fascia with material provided by the lumber yard.

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      Paint and enjoy your new shed.