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Carpet Allergies & Symptoms

There are a number of reasons someone could become allergic to carpet. New carpet is responsible for certain allergies while used carpet brings on an entirely new list of reasons for carpet allergies. Either way, those with carpet allergies find the most relief when carpet is removed from their living quarters after signs and symptoms of allergies arise.
  1. New Carpet Allergy Symptoms

    • New carpets tend to release chemicals into the air, and the padding used under the carpet is known to release organic compounds that can be unstable and destructive to the air in a home. Respiratory problems such as coughing can be experienced, along with headaches and fatigue. These symptoms arise due to a chemical named 4-phenylcyclohexene that is found in new carpets. The emissions usually subside within a few days of the carpet being installed.

    Older Carpet Allergy Symptoms

    • The longer carpet sits in a home, the longer it has to collect dust, mites and pet hair among other things. Because of this, asthma can be triggered in those susceptible. In addition, eye irritation, problems breathing while on the carpet and a general feeling of being run down can occur.

    Carpet and Skin Allergy Symptoms

    • Having contact with carpets either new or used can have an impact on skin conditions. This can include rashes and itchy or rough skin patches, specifically in areas that have come into direct contact with carpet.