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The Most Hearty Easy-to-Grow Roses

Even beginner gardeners can grow roses if they pick the right variety of rose. Most easy-care rose varieties will be hardy in different areas, but it is always a good idea to look at what roses grow well in your local climate. Ask experts at local nurseries which roses they recommend . Varieties of rose bushes that have been grown in your area for more than 20 years will usually be well adapted and easier to grow than hothouse or exotic rose varieties.

  1. Bourbons

    • Bourbon roses, named for the Bourbon kings of France, are a type of rose bush that produces large, showy roses with many petals. Bourbon roses are generally tall bushes with long stems that grow best in cooler climates and can tolerate freezing winter temperatures. Easy to grow varieties of Bourbon roses include Boule de Niege, Madame Isaac Pereire, Souvenir de la Malmaison and La Reine.

    Tea Roses

    • Tea roses were so named because the first Europeans who encountered these Asian roses thought they smelled like dried tea leaves. Tea roses can be climbing or shrubs, produce smaller flowers that generally have a sweet aroma, and they enjoy full sun and are very hardy in USDA Zones 8 - 10. Hardy varieties of tea roses include Madame Lombard, Ballet, Champs Elsees and King's Ransom.

    Shrub Roses

    • While many rose varieties are shrubs, shrub roses are a specific class of rose bushes that don't climb. Two rose experts who created many hybrid varieties of popular modern shrub roses are David Austin and Griffith Buck, and some shrub roses may be found under their names. Shrub rose varieties that can be easy to care for include Rugosa Shrub, Carefree Beauty, Hawkeye Belle, Belle Story and Graham Thomas.

    Miniature Rose Varities

    • Miniature or dwarf rose varieties can also be easy to care for indoors or outdoors, and these varieties are usually bush type roses that produce small flowers in a wide variety of colors. Miniature roses are also ideal for container gardens. Varieties of hardy miniature roses include Cinderella, Baby Grand, Baby Love, Sorcerer, Spice Drop, Santa Claus and Rainbow's End.

    Climbing Varieties

    • Climbing roses grow on vines that can be trained to grow over a trellis, up a fence or on a wall in the garden. Other than tying or training vines to climb, most of these rose varieties require little care besides regular watering and fertilizing during growing season. Hardy climbing rose varieties include Lady Banks, Don Juan, America, Fourth of July and Eden.