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Zoysia Grass Southern Cinch Bugs

Zoysiagrass (Zoysia spp.) is a dark-green colored, warm-season grass. The grass has a fine-to-medium texture and grows best in full sun. The low-maintenance grass tolerates heavy traffic. Zoysiagrass is prone to infestation from the Southern chinch bugs.

  1. Southern Chinch Bugs

    • Southern chinch bugs are 0.125 inch long, black insects with short or long, white wings. These pests produce several generations per year and are most prevalent during temperatures exceeding 90 degrees. The pest lives in grass crown area and thatch.


    • The pests feed on grass fluids. Damaged grass develops yellow and brown patches and eventually dies. A weak and poorly growing lawn becomes prone to weeds. Pest population is greater in grass growing in areas of sun.


    • Dethatch zoysiagrass regularly and avoid overwatering and excessive use of fertilizers. Introduce natural predators, such as predatory earwigs, spiders and big-eyed bugs, in infested grass. Recommended pesticides include carbaryl, cyfluthrin or deltamethrin.