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How to Safely Get Water out of a Basement

A flooded basement is always a great deal of work but it can be a safety hazard as well. Keep pets and children away from the flooding and use protective clothing when you enter the basement. The mess can be cleaned up safely with a few simple precautions.

Things You'll Need

  • Wooden or plastic chair and/or mop handle
  • Mops and buckets
  • Pump-submersible electric or non-submersible gas-powered
  • You may need extension cords
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  1. Roll up your Shirtsleeves

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      Clean light flooding simply and safely. If there's only an inch or two of water, you can clean up safely enough without protective gear. Use a wet and dry shop vacuum if you have one or use mops and buckets. Empty the filled mop buckets outdoors or in a commode or sink.

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      Be wary of deeper water. Water conducts electricity so you must use great caution when going into a flooded basement. Use protective gear - heavy rubber boots and gloves that absolutely don't leak. Don't touch anything until you have the power turned off. If the switch is high use a wooden or plastic chair (nothing metal)to stand on or use a broom or mop handle to flip the switch.

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      Use a pump for deeper water. Rent a submersible electric pump. You'll need to use a neighbor's outlet and extension cords. These pumps draw water through a base unit and into a regular garden hose. Make sure the hose is stable and that the water is running away from the house.

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      Call a pro. You can call a plumber to solve the problem as they should have the necessary equipment. This isn't the most cost effective solution but if handling a pump is a problem (or you can't find one to rent) it may be the best option. If you can't get a plumber, you can try the local fire department as some will come out and help you. Their pumps will not take out the last 2" so just do this for deep water. The problem with this is that you will still have a big cleanup to do after they leave.

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      Check out all the options. You can sometimes find a marine or an electrical supplies store that sell submersible pumps run by 12 volt car batteries. Make sure the battery is in a very secure, dry spot and only then put the pump underwater and connect it.

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      Check out the last option. You can use a gas powered pump that can't be used under water. You will have to put the intake hose in through a window or down the stairs and make sure the output is far from the house. These pumps are only necessary for deeper flooding.