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How to Use a DIY Coil Cleaner

An air conditioning unit constantly pushes air through the main body, creating a build-up of debris and dust that slowly wears on the unit's effectiveness in cooling your home or office. A do-it-yourself or DIY coil cleaner often comes as a foaming cleaner that you mix with water and apply to the dirty coils. This project can be completed within an hour and should be done with some work gloves and safety goggles to ensure the strong chemicals in the coil cleaner do not come into contact with your skin.

Things You'll Need

  • Work gloves
  • Foaming coil cleaner
  • Sprayer or spray bottle
  • Screw driver
  • Plastic bags
  • Hose
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    • 1

      Turn off or unplug your air conditioning condenser. Make sure there is no electricity coming through the unit as you complete this project.

    • 2

      Mix together the foaming cleanser with a small amount of water in a sprayer or large spray bottle. The instructions on each unique coil cleaner will specify the amounts of coil cleaner and water.

    • 3

      Spray the inner coils from the outside of the condenser unit. Ensure that all of the surfaces are covered with the DIY mixture. Allow to soak on the coils for about 10 minutes.

    • 4

      Remove the top segment of the unit with the fan attached using a screwdriver. Cover over any electrical elements inside of the unit with some plastic bags.

    • 5

      Rinse out the coil from the inside the condenser unit using a hose and medium water pressure. The water should rinse away the foaming cleaner as it passes through the grate to the outside of the unit. Rinse the condenser unit until all traces of the foaming cleanser are gone.

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      Allow the unit to dry for two or three hours before removing the protective plastic bags, replacing the top fan piece and reconnecting it to power.