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The Effectiveness of Hot Tub Ultraviolet Lights

Hot tubs and whirlpool spas help relax tense muscles and soothe aches and pains. While hot tubs are unlike swimming pools, caring for a hot tub is similar to maintaining a swimming pool. Hot tub owners typically add chemicals to keep the water clean and sanitized. Side effects are common with chemicals, and some hot tub owners opt for ultraviolet lights instead.
  1. Hot Tub Chemicals

    • Chemicals used to keep a hot tub clean and sanitized include chlorine, bromine, ozone and biguanide. These chemical are necessary because bacteria can grow and multiply in water. Hot tub chemicals work together to keep the water free from harmful bacteria and also alleviate odors that can arise from dirty water. Clean water ensures the safety of everyone who enters the hot tub. But although chemicals serve a useful purpose, they also may cause reactions in some people.

    Risk of Diseases

    • Relaxing in a dirty, unsanitary pool or hot tub increases the risk of developing certain diseases and illnesses. The water itself might not cause a sickness. However, if someone suffering from an infection or other illness enters the water, germs and bacteria can spread to other users. This includes fungal infections, E. coli, the herpes virus and other types of bacterial infections. Proper maintenance and keeping the water sanitized is the only way to reduce the risk of illness.

    Effectiveness of UV Lights

    • Hot tub owners can keep the water sanitized with ultraviolet lights. Ultraviolet systems attached to hot tubs effectively destroy bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. This results in water that is clear, sanitized and germ-free. Understand, however, that installing an ultraviolet light on your hot tub doesn't replace chemicals altogether. UV lights are used in conjunction with chemical sanitizers. Incorporating ultraviolet technology with your hot tub system significantly reduces the amount of chemicals needed to maintain your spa.


    • Hot tub owners can install their own UV lights, and each system comes equipped with an instruction manual. Ultraviolet systems connect directly to the hot tub's plumbing and filtration system. As water passes through these systems, UV lights kill the harmful bacteria and sterilizes the water before it reenters the hot tub.