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How Do I Apply for a FEMA Grant?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, has over 3,700 full-time employees, and over 4,000 disaster-assistance employees on a standby basis. FEMA assists victims of natural disasters whose homes have been damaged or destroyed.
  1. Types of FEMA Assistance

    • FEMA offers two types of disaster assistance: housing needs and other-than-housing needs. These assistance grants help victims with losses that are not covered by their insurance. Some examples of other-than-housing needs covered by FEMA are clothing, medical and dental costs, funeral expenses for a loved one, tools required for employment, and vehicle damages.

    FEMA Eligibility

    • You may be eligible for FEMA assistance if you have inadequate insurance to cover your losses, you are a U.S. citizen or qualified alien and you live in an area that has been declared a disaster by the President. In addition, the damaged property must be your primary residence and you must be unable to live there or access it due to the disaster.

    How to Apply for a FEMA Grant

    • You can apply for a FEMA grant online at www.fema.gov or by calling 1-800-621-3362. You will need a Social Security number and information about your damaged property, annual income, insurance company and bank account numbers. You must also submit your current and predisaster addresses and current telephone number so that a FEMA investigator can contact you.