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Proper Installation of Residential Floor Framing Anchors

Wood-framed houses in areas prone to earthquakes need additional reinforcement to ensure structural integrity under adverse conditions. A critical reinforcement is installing framing anchors to secure the home’s wooden floor joists to the wooden sill plate that is bolted to the foundation. Framing anchors are right-angle steel plates about 4.5 inches long, with holes. Proper installation involves correct spacing and fastening.

Things You'll Need

  • Framing anchors
  • 8-penny common nails, 1.5 inches long
  • Hammer
  • Ruler
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      Place one framing anchor vertically where a floor joist joins with the rim joist. Nail it in place, using a dozen 8-penny nails or as many nails as there are holes in the framing anchor. Nail through all the holes. Don’t skip any. Install one framing anchor on each joist. It doesn’t matter whether you install on the right side or left side of the joist.

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      Secure the rim joist to the sill plate. Place framing anchors horizontally along the rim joist. Space them so you have one framing anchor in every other floor joist bay. Nail each anchor to the rim joist and the sill plate.

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      Connect the sill plate and the rim joist that runs parallel to the floor joists. Place framing anchors horizontally along the rim joist, spaced 32 inches apart. Nail them to the rim joist and the sill plate.