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Bottom Freezer Pull-Out Drawer Adjustment

The handle, basket and drawer are often adjustable on a bottom freezer pull-out drawer. Joined by screws, most parts can be tightened or loosened to ensure proper operation. All the parts are removable for moving the appliance, or to remove and reinstall the drawer if adjusting the screws does not help it operate smoothly.
  1. Handle Adjustment

    • Remove the drawer handle before moving the freezer or when removing the drawer. Make adjustments as necessary when the handle is loose or misaligned. Use care when removing or making adjustments to the handle -- the handle can scratch the drawer finish. To detach or loosen or tighten the handle, remove the screws with a screwdriver or Allen wrench, depending on the hardware.

    Adjusting Baskets

    • Most bottom freezer baskets sit in the drawer. The basket sometimes is assembled onto a rail system and can usually be lifted up and out of the drawer. Some baskets have a divider that may pull out, or it might be secured with screws. If necessary, loosen and remove the screws to release the divider. You usually need to remove the basket to take out the drawer. Tighten or loosen the screws on the basket's rail system to adjust the basket installation.

    Drawer Removal

    • Remove and reinsert the drawer for adjustment if it does not open and close properly. Some drawers come out in an entire piece. You can pull the drawer forward until it stops and pull it up to release it from the rails that it sits on. When disassembling the drawer and its rail, loosen and remove the screws on any of the rail system pieces to take them out. The drawer front is sometimes affixed to the drawer by a rail system. Separate the door from the tracks to remove it.

    Warnings and Tips

    • To prevent injury, unplug the refrigerator before you remove the freezer drawer.. Placing hands or fingers in the vents or grilles can result in electrical shock. Before you remove the drawer, take out all the food and bins. Do not step or sit on the freezer drawer or allow children to play in it. You might need a helper to assist you in holding or carrying the drawer when you remove it.