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How to Train a Climbing Rose

You purchased a climbing rose because you know how beautiful they look. You get the rose bush home plant it, feed it and water it, but it's growing wildly everywhere except where you want it! You have seen beautiful climbing roses going up a wall or on a trellis and wondered how did they do that? It's actually pretty easy to train a rose bush.


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      To train your climbing Roses on a Trellis: Use a material than won't rot away for your trellis. Make sure your trellis is big enough to handle a full sized Rose bush. Make sure your trellis is securely mounted into the ground. Use plant ties, raffia or strips of old stretchy material such as pantyhose to tie Rose canes to the trellis. You will have to continue tying as the Rose bush grows.

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      To train your Rose bush to climb a wall: Drill into the wall and fasten anchors into the wall. The anchors have an eye to slip your plant ties or stretchy material through. Plan out the pattern you want your Rose bush to take and secure the anchors. More anchors may need to be added as your Rose bush grows. This can be done on a stone wall, side of a house or to beautify a garden shed.

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      To train roses to climb fences: Make sure your fence is sturdy. Make sure your fence isn't made of a something that will rot quickly. Use plant ties, raffia or stretchy material to tie the roses. When training Roses on a solid fence make sure the Rose bush will have enough air circulation.