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Animal-Proofing Your Vegetable Box

Some homeowners choose to grow their vegetables in individual boxes, or in a raised vegetable garden box. No matter which method is used, all vegetables left to grow outside are susceptible to hungry animals -- deer, rabbits and even groundhogs all enjoy chomping on fresh veggies. You can take action to animal-proof the vegetable garden boxes so that the vegetables survive until harvest.

Things You'll Need

  • Animal pest repellents
  • Wire fencing/wire mesh
  • Animal traps
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      Take preventative measures. Remove any bird feeders or pet food dishes from your yard. These attract animals to your property. Keep grass low, trash cans covered and wood piles up off of the ground.

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      Observe your property to detect which animals you must protect your vegetable garden against. Apply repellents used specifically for the animals you spotted. Repellents are effective if re-applied often, and after every heavy rainfall. The most effective repellents are those that contain predator urine. For example, deer and rabbits will stay away from areas that contain fox or coyote urine because they will think the predator is nearby.

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      Surround your vegetable boxes with wire fencing or wire mesh, such as that used to contain and protect chickens. A wire enclosure will stop deer, raccoons, rabbits, opossoms and squirrels.

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      Set up several humane, non-lethal traps to catch the animal pests before they attack your vegetables. The type of bait you use will depend on the animal you are trying to catch. For example, apple slices will attract chipmunks and groundhogs. Canned fish will attract raccoons, and cabbage can be used to capture rabbits. Release the animals you caught at least five to 10 miles from your home.