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How to Get Rid of Heron Around a Pond

Owners of ponds, especially shallow, ornamental garden ponds filled with expensive fish, usually dread the sight of a heron. These beautiful birds can quickly decimate a pond's fish population. For owners of ponds stocked with expensive Koi fish, this can be a real hit to the wallet, as some of these fish are worth hundreds, sometimes even thousands of dollars. Encouraging a heron to move on, therefore, can become a top priority for a pond owner.

Things You'll Need

  • Motion-sensitive sprinklers or audio devices
  • Decoy heron
  • Fake alligator
  • Netting
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      Patrol your pond on a regular basis. Herons are shy birds that prefer to hunt unnoticed. If you make it a regular practice to scare herons away from your pond, they may eventually look for a quieter body of water to frequent.

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      Add rock features, such as underwater ledges, or vegetation, such as water lilies, that your fish can hide under. Add spots in your pond that are at least 3 feet deep, as herons cannot fish in water that deep. If a heron cannot find food, it will look for other bodies of water in which to fish.

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      Place a net over your pond. If you have a relatively small ornamental pond, you may be able to cover it entirely with a protective netting.

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      Set a motion-activated sprinkler or two that will blast the bird with water as it approaches your pond. Motion-activated devices that make sounds can also be used to scare away herons.

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      Place a heron decoy or fake heron in or near your pond. Herons tend to be territorial and will usually not fish where another heron is present.

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      Add a floating fake alligator to your pond, which may also scare away a heron.

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      Plant high brush or bushes around your pond. Herons prefer to hunt where they have a clear view of any predators that may be approaching.