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How Long It Takes for Grass Seed to Grow Into a Lawn

Grass seed grows into a thick, green lawn, as long as it is given the nutrients it needs to thrive. Watering is key. Too much moisture can wash the seed away or cause it to rot, while too little will dry it out, killing it. Expect grass seed to create a lawn within several weeks of planting.
  1. Time Frame

    • Grass seed sprouts at varying rates. Ryegrass and fescue grass seed are the fastest to germinate. Ryegrass sprouts as soon as five to 10 days, whereas fescue takes one week to 15 days. Bent grass and bermuda grass take from 10 to 15 and 10 to 30 days, respectively. Centipede and buffalo grass germinate in two to four weeks but bluegrass is slower--taking about three to four weeks to start sprouting.


    • Sow grass seed that has a high germination rate. The best bet is to use a grass seed with a 90 to 95 percent germination rate but some varieties will be closer to 80 percent.


    • Expect it to take several weeks after the seed first sprouts to grow into a lawn. Your specific growing conditions will play a role in the time line. For best results, keep the soil moist until the lawn fills in completely. Avoid mowing until the grass is two inches high.