Home Garden

Front Yard Features

Add curb appeal and value to your home with the addition of focal points in the front yard. Keep the front yard clean and manicured. Sweep sidewalks, driveways and the porch. Choose some of the same elements you put in the front yard for the porch and entrance. Use smaller planters with similar plants on the steps and porch for a cohesive appearance.
  1. Shrubs

    • Create an entry into the yard with low-growing shrubs. Plant shrubs around the front yard's parameter, leaving openings at sidewalks, paths and driveways. Plant shrubs against the front of the house and outline the porch with them as well. Use taller shrubs at corners and lower shrubs under windows so they don't affect the light flowing into the home.


    • Layer colors and textures. Plant flowers in front of the shrubs that line the home. Add similar colored plants in flower beds around trees and in planters hanging at the corners of the porch, the garage and the corners of the home. Choose flowers to cascade over the sides of hanging baskets and choose tall flowers for flowerbeds and plants on the grounds.


    • Make a centerpiece with a water feature. Choose a fountain or a birdbath, depending on the size of the yard. Place the water feature in the center of a planting bed. Fill the planting bed with mulch or rock. Place flower planters on either side of the water feature and fill with flowers.


    • Create a welcoming front yard with the addition of seating. Choose a park bench, a free-standing porch swing or a bistro table. Place colorful and comfortable patio cushions in place. Add an umbrella for shade. Make a walking path that leads to the seating area with stepping stones or a gravel walkway. Line the walkway with solar-powered garden lights.