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How to Replace Drip Irrigators

Drip irrigation utilizes water more efficiently than other irrigation systems, but sometimes the irrigation nozzle heads don't perform properly and must be replaced. Drip irrigation works by installing a low-pressure water supply underneath the ground, directly reaching plant's roots rather than drizzling water from overhead, wasting water to evaporation and runoff. Drip irrigation nozzles, or irrigators, are easy to replace, as they are simple nodules attached to the end of the tubing through which the water flows.

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
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      Dig up the faulty irrigation nozzle and bring it a few inches above ground, enough so that the nozzle is completely free of the earth.

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      Cut the tubing a half inch below where the nozzle is inserted.

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      Take the new nozzle and stick the small end into the tube. Turn the water on to make sure that the nozzle is secure; if not, press it into the tube harder.

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      Rebury the nozzle and irrigate as you would normally.