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Herbs for Ground Cover

Herbs are a wonderful alternative as a ground cover to the standard green grass lawn. Many herbs spread quickly and easily, and not only provide interesting texture for your landscape, but are fragrant and very hardy. Herbs, once established, require very little care and do not need to be mowed. For shady and sunny parts of your lawn, there are multiple varieties that will compliment your yard.
  1. Herbs to Plant in Sunny Places

    • For spots in your yard that receive more than 6 hours of full sun, there are a number of herbs that will flourish. Trailing rosemary is a tough plant that grows well in poor and sandy soil. It is very heat-tolerant and therefore excellent for arid, hot regions. The plants grow in a trailing form with small blue or white flowers appearing in the winter and the spring. It has a very pleasant scent and requires little water. Another option is peppermint or Corsican mint. Both varieties of mint will grow well in full sun to partial shade areas and need moist, well-drained soil. Mint is an excellent ground cover because it spreads voraciously and quickly. The small, dark green leaves are fragrant and small, and white flowers will bloom in the summer. Lavender has a soft, sweet fragrance and beautiful, light purple flowers. Lavender flourishes in areas that receive at least 6 hours of full sun. Lavender will grow as a bushier ground cover. To help maintain its shape, prune the lavender plant every spring.

    Herbs to Plant in Shady Spots

    • For shady areas of your yard, such as beneath a tree or along your house, there are several varieties of herbs that will grow well. Creeping thyme is a versatile plant that thrives in full sun and full shade. Creeping thyme is both aromatic and can be walked on. It has green foliage with flowers that bloom in the spring and summer in a variety of colors. Creeping thyme flowers best in partial shade, but will grow in full shade areas. Chamomile is another shade-loving herb that grows well in moist soil. Chamomile has a sweet smell with small daisy-like flowers that are commonly used in teas and potpourri. Yarrow is an excellent ground cover for very dry climates or areas with poor soil. It has flat clusters of small flowers in reds, pinks and yellows. Yarrow tends to grow taller than other ground covers and therefore cannot be walked on.