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Fiskars EZ Reach Stik Tree Pruner

Pruning small trees is an easy enough job when you’re standing on the ground. When it comes time to cut back higher limbs, the stepladder usually comes into use. You can eliminate the need for a ladder and the uncertain footing if you prune with a pole pruner. The Fiskars EZ Reach Stik brand pruner is a mechanical pruner with an internal rope that not only extends your reach from the ground, but also eliminates the traditional external rope that often tangles with high branches.
  1. Reaching Higher

    • The Fiskars EZ Reach Stik adds at least 5 feet to your arm’s reach when pruning. A pull-down feature on the handle activates the bypass pruners’ blades to quickly snip higher branches overhead. When cutting branches even higher in the tree, you can extend the pole completely overhead and pull the internal rope from the bottom of the pole. The cutting head will rotate 230 degrees, allowing it to make precise cuts at difficult angles.

    Easy on the Arms

    • A major drawback to using mechanical and gasoline-powered pole pruners is the weight of the saw and the fatigue from continuously holding the pole upright while cutting. The Fiskars EZ Reach pole pruner is easier on the arms, since it is made of aluminum and weighs a little over 2 pounds. In addition to cutting high branches with the pole pruner, you can hold the lightweight pole pruner steady and extend your reach while making lower cuts on the tree without bending or kneeling.

    Clean Cuts

    • The bypass blade design makes the EZ Reach pruner suitable for cutting green branches without tearing or shredding. The blades, made of hardened steel, are coated with a nonstick material that helps eliminate sap buildup. The blade will cleanly cut a branch of 1 1/4 inches.

    As Good as New

    • Like all pruning tools, you should keep Fiskars EZ Reach pruners clean, sharp and disinfected. Clean any debris from the blades with a soft cloth and mild detergent after each use. Oil the pivot points as needed and tighten any loose parts as necessary. Disinfect the blades before and after each pruning by dipping the blades in rubbing alcohol for one to two minutes. Store the pruners in a dry location out of the weather and away from children.

    Beware of Falling Branches

    • Pole pruners mean falling branches and twigs, so wear eye protection and head protection when using the pruners. Avoid standing directly under the branch you are cutting. Be aware of utility lines, and do not use the pruners near overhead electrical lines.