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How to Make a Garden Gnome on a Toadstool

Garden gnomes are a classic lawn decoration. The materials used to make them range from concrete to wood. You can make a garden gnome for your yard out of a sheet of plywood. The silhouette of the gnome is cut from the plywood and the details are added with paint. To make a garden gnome on a toadstool, simply draw in the toadsool before cutting the wood. Typically gnomes have a hat, large nose and cheeks. Use bright colors on both the gnome and toadstool to create a whimsical decoration.

Things You'll Need

  • Plywood panel, 3/4-by-24-by-48-inch
  • Jigsaw
  • Detail sander, medium and fine-grit pads
  • Exterior craft paints
  • Craft brushes
  • Wooden stake, 1-by-2-by-24-inch
  • 4 wood screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Eye protection
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    • 1

      Place a 3/4-by-24-by-48-inch plywood panel on a work surface with the 24-by-48-inch side lying flat.

    • 2

      Draw the outline of the toadstool with a gnome sitting on top. A toadstool has a curved stem and a broad rounded mushroom top. Gnomes are small in stature with a stocking cap, a large nose and exaggerated facial features.

    • 3

      Cut out the outline on the plywood panel using a jigsaw. Slowly guide the saw around the outline until the cut is complete.

    • 4

      Sand the cut edges of the decoration with a detail sander. Use a medium-grit pad, followed by a fine-grit pad to achieve a completely smooth edge.

    • 5

      Paint the details of the gnome and toadstool onto the plywood cutout using exterior craft paints and craft brushes. Paint a one-by-two-by-24 inch wooden stake the same color as the toad stool stem. Allow the paint to dry at least four hours.

    • 6

      Align the wooden stake in the center of the toad stool stem with the two-by-24-inch side flat against one side of the stem. The stake should overlap the stem by six inches. This will provide 18 inches of stake to stick into the ground.

    • 7

      Drive four wood screws through the stake into the plywood toadstool with a screwdriver. Evenly space the screws across the six-inch overlap.

    • 8

      Push the stake into the ground in the selected area of your yard. So that the bottom of the toadstool is flush with the ground.