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How to Spray Strawberries With Pesticide

Strawberries make a colorful and nutritious addition to any garden, but the fruit can fall under attack from a number of insects that can spread disease and kill your crop. Spraying strawberries with pesticide helps kill invading insects and keep others away. Proper pesticide application can take a little planning, but it helps your strawberries survive.

Things You'll Need

  • Pesticide
  • Pesticide sprayer
  • Neoprene gloves
  • Pollen/dust masks
  • Safety goggles
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      Pour the proper amount of pesticide and water, per the manufacturer's instructions, into a pesticide sprayer. Screw on the top, and pump the sprayer handle to spray the pesticide onto the strawberry plants.

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      Apply the pesticide on new growth of strawberries before they blossom. Spray strawberry plants on the bottom of the leaves as well as the top. Continue to apply the pesticide until moisture is visible.

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      Reapply the pesticide when the strawberries are at 5 percent bloom. Apply the pesticide again every 10 days. Once the strawberries are fully bloomed, apply the pesticide every seven to 10 days until the strawberries are harvested.

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      Rinse out the sprayer tank thoroughly over a dirt surface. Do not rinse the sprayer over a sink, because the pesticide can pass through the drainage system and harm aquatic life.