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What Is a Pub Sofa?

When it’s your favorite team’s season, tailgating can connect you with other fans. If it gets cold, though, or if you’d like to enjoy the game from your home, having a pub sofa will let you and your friends celebrate your team and the game from a comfortable spot. No matter who your favorite team is, you can find a pub sofa to decorate with and show off your team pride.
  1. Identification

    • Pub sofas are microfiber suede sofas that feature a team’s emblem in the center. Fans can purchase pub sofas that have the main color and logo of almost any team from several sports, including basketball, baseball, football, NASCAR and even college sports. The full-size pub sofas are meant to complement other sports-related furniture, such as tables, chairs and recliners.


    • Watching sports can be a messy business, because spectators often enjoy beverages, snacks and even meals during the games. Pub sofas are made from microfiber suede and are treated with stain-fighting agents to keep the sofa clean and ready for years of use and game watching. The sofas are usually made of quality hardwood, so they can be expected to last as long as a typical sofa, and they cost about the same, too. They feature a no-sag compression to help the cushions maintain their shape, despite years of use and abuse.


    • Pub sofas are full-sized pieces. Though several manufacturers offer pub sofas, a typical size is 38 inches tall by 91 inches long by 34 inches wide. The sofa weighs about 125 pounds.


    • When you vacuum the pub sofa's room, attach the brush piece and also vacuum any crumbs, dirt or hair off your pub sofa. If you use the pub sofa often, or if it's your favorite team’s playing season, you'll need to vacuum it frequently. Even though microfiber suede is stain-resistant, clean any spills immediately before they soak into the fabric too deeply. You can also purchase microfiber suede cleaning kits from the sofa’s manufacturer or at your local furniture or super store. Always follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. When you purchase a new cleaner, test it on a small piece of the furniture to make sure it works properly before applying it to the entire pub sofa. After cleaning, brush the pub with a fine-tooth comb to keep the fibers from tangling.