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How to Create Brick Sidewalks

A brick sidewalk offers a rustic and charming look to a home. A brick sidewalk is long-lasting, durable alternative to traditional concrete. Bricks are available in many sizes, shapes and colors making personalizing sidewalks fun and easy. Laying brick walkways is a straightforward and uncomplicated home improvement project.

Things You'll Need

  • Stakes
  • String
  • Shovel
  • Tamper
  • Scrap wood
  • Mallet
  • Level
  • Sand
  • Broom
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    • 1

      Drive stakes into the ground marking the sidewalk. Tie string from stake to stake that serve as guidelines.

    • 2

      Dig the ground down within the string guidelines 3 1/2-inches deep. Dig the edges an additional 2 1/4-inch wide and 4 1/2-inches deep to create a trench around the inside edge of the excavation, for a standard brick size. If the bricks are not a standard size, measure the brick and dig an edging matching the brick size.

    • 3

      Tamp the base of the ground with a hand tamper or a gas powered tamper.

    • 4

      Set the bricks standing upright along the edge and into the trench. Place a scrap piece of wood over the top of the brick and tap with a mallet to sink the brick into the ground making it flush with the existing ground.

    • 5

      Place a level on the brick to check for level. If the bubble on the level is out of center, adjust the brick in the appropriate direction until the bubble centers.

    • 6

      Continue to set bricks along the edge butted tightly up to one another, tapping into place and leveling until brick stands along all outer edges.

    • 7

      Add 1 1/4-inches of sand to the base of the excavation and drag a piece of wood across the top to smooth and level the sand base.

    • 8

      Place a brick, beginning in a corner, lying down and tightly butted against the edging. Lightly tap the brick down with a rubber mallet. Place the second brick, butted up against the edging and first brick, tap down and check for level. If a brick is out of level, add or remove sand from under the brick to level it. Continue to place brick, tap into place and check for level until brick covers the entire sidewalk. Make cuts to brick as needed with a wet saw.

    • 9

      Dump a shovelful of sand on top of the sidewalk and sweep it back and forth forcing sand in between the bricks. Continue to add sand and sweep until the sand is flush with the brick.