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Instructions for a 2400 Ladder Jack

Qual-Craft model 2400 steel side-rail ladder jacks are designed to allow for positioning of a work plank or scaffold across two ladders. This is very helpful for outdoor painting and other outdoor repair tasks in which two people need to work together and have easy access to tools and equipment. As with any procedure involving ladders, it is crucial to ensure the ladder jacks are installed and used properly. This particular model of ladder jack should be used only for wooden walk planks with aluminum or wood ladders that are rated 250 lb. Type 1 or 300 lb. Type 1A.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 aluminum or wood ladders rated 250 lb. Type 1 or 300 lb. Type 1A
  • 2 Qual-Craft 2400 ladder jacks
  • Wooden walk plank
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    • 1

      Check the manufacturer safety label on both aluminum or wood ladders to make sure they are rated 250 lb. Type 1 or 300 lb. Type 1A. Ensure the rungs across which you intend to place the plank line up perfectly on both ladders if the ladders are not identical.

    • 2

      Secure the feet of both ladders firmly at ground level. Set the bottoms of each ladder three to four inches into the ground if a solid earth base is available. Use proper cleats to secure the ladder if working on a solid surface.

    • 3

      Rest the top section of each ladder against the building or surface where you will be working. The distance between the base of the ladder and the wall against which it is leaning should be one-fourth the working length of a ladder. For example, the base of a 10-foot ladder should be two-and-a-half feet away from the wall.

    • 4

      Face the jack so the center bar is either pointing outward toward you or inward toward the wall depending upon how much room there is and which option is more convenient for you.

    • 5

      Attach one ladder jack to the rung of the first ladder by pressing the rectangular bar of the jack firmly on the rung of the ladder that you are using to support the work plank. Secure each of the two round-hook shaped bars of the ladder jack to each of the side-rails of the ladder so that they rest above the rectangular bar.

    • 6

      Adjust the gusset plate at the base of the hook-shaped bars so that the rectangular bars are parallel to the ground.

    • 7

      Slide the gusset plate firmly into the notch on the center bar that holds it most securely.

    • 8

      Repeat Steps 4 through 7 for the second ladder. The second jack must face the same direction as the first jack that is already installed.

    • 9

      Secure the plank across the center bar of each jack. Do not load it with more than 75 lb. of equipment.