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How to Repair a Foundation the Right Way

As with any household problem, there are specific do's and don'ts for making repairs. Foundation repair is no exception. One of the main problems that can occur with a concrete foundation is settling and cracking due to improper laying and placement over unstable ground. Serious foundation repairs should be done by a professional foundation repair company. However, minor concrete foundation problems are possible to fix on your own, using just a few simple tools.

Things You'll Need

  • Pry bar
  • Drill
  • Polyurethane concrete injection kit
  • Caulk gun
  • Concrete mix
  • Trowel
  • Epoxy surface sealer
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  1. Professional Repair

    • 1

      Have a professional foundation expert come and inspect your foundation before making any repairs. He or she will be able to tell you whether or not your foundation can be repaired as a do-it-yourself project or if it needs professional repair.

    • 2

      Have the inspector tell you the kind of repair that the foundation needs, such as surface repair only, slabjacking, beam repair or stabilization. If the foundation needs slabjacking or minor surface repairs you can do the job yourself.

    • 3

      Fix the foundation during the dry season, either during late spring or early summer. This season is ideal because settling from the previous year has already happened and the ground surrounding the foundation will be dry.


    • 4

      Clear the room of any furniture. Pull up the carpet or flooring to expose the foundation. Inspect the surface for cracks.

    • 5

      Drill 1-5/8 inch holes surrounding the cracked areas on the foundation.

    • 6

      Fill a caulk gun with the polyurethane injection mixture. Pump the expanding mixture into the holes and deep into the slab. This will bring the lowered section of slab to match the rest of the foundation. Allow the mixture to dry for 24 hours.

    • 7

      Follow the directions below for fixing the remaining surface cracks on the concrete foundation.

    Surface Cracks

    • 8

      Mix the concrete mixture with water to create a thick paste. Spread the concrete into the cracks to fill any low spots and large cracks with concrete. Allow the concrete to dry for 24 hours.

    • 9

      Spread epoxy sealer over the top of the concrete and over hairline cracks. Spread the epoxy sealer inside of the crack and about 2 inches outside of the crack, feathering it out with the trowel to match the height of the surrounding foundation. Allow the sealer to dry for 24 hours.

    • 10

      Replace the flooring and move the furniture back into the room. The foundation repair should last for years.