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How to Make Faucet Holes in a Cement Countertop

In a perfect world, you would be able to find the perfect faucet before the concrete countertop was built so that the holes for the faucet would be part of the countertop mold. However, the world is not a perfect place. That is why there are handy tools like hammer and rotary drills. These kinds of drills make drilling though concrete an easier process; they are often available for rent at home improvement and hardware stores.

Things You'll Need

  • Faucet
  • Marker
  • Hammer or rotary drill
  • Diamond- or carbide-tipped hole bit
  • Safety glasses
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      Place the faucet template on the concrete countertop near the sink in the desired location. Use the marker to mark the concrete for the holes. Set the template to the side. Check installation instructions for the size holes required.

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      Insert the hole bit into the drill and secure it into place. Put on the safety glasses.

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      Line up the hole bit with one of the marks, just above the concrete. Turn the drill on and lower it onto the concrete. You do not need to apply additional pressure to the drill while it is working. Keep the bit against the concrete and let the drill do the work. Repeat the procedure for other holes, if any.