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Wood Mantels Ideas

Wood mantels enhance the visual appeal of a fireplace by framing the fireplace nook and providing a shelf surface to display other decorations such as picture frames and vases. The benefit of using wood for a fireplace mantel is its transformability because it is easily shaped and colored. Wood works well with a variety of other materials such as brick and granite so it is easy to install a wood mantel around an existing fireplace.
  1. Decorative

    • A decorative wood mantel has side panels, a standard mantel shelf and carvings throughout, and is suitable for classic, traditional and country themed interior décor. Possible locations for ornate details are the side panels and under the top mantel surface. Working with a skilled woodworker or woodcarver will allow you to customize the designs and patterns displayed in the mantel.

      Stain or paint the mantel at least a day before it is installed so the paint has a chance to dry completely. Add a paint color that complements the room or consider a whitewash for an antique appeal. Discuss wood options with the woodworker if you want the mantel to display a particular grain style after applying stain because different types of woods reflect different patterns.


    • Install a rustic wood fireplace mantel in a log cabin or country style home. Salvage a plank of wood from an old barn or railroad. Hang the plank a few inches to a few feet over the opening of the fireplace. A piece of barn board is thinner and lighter than a railroad plank but it still requires sturdy screws with anchors to secure it to the wall. Use the same hardware for a railroad plank and consider adding heavy wood brackets underneath the mantel for additional support. Rustic wood pieces, especially barn wood, may have old paint or stain so consider sealing the wood to prevent further aging. Sealing the painted wood will also prevent paint chips from flaking off.


    • A modern-style wood fireplace mantel works well in a sleek living room setting. Design your fireplace so the wall around the fireplace nook is projected out from the rest of the wall. This techniques creates a natural shelving over the fireplace that you must line with a single thin wood plank. Paint the wood a solid color that reflects classic modernism such as dark or light grey, medium-shade red or light blue. Let the paint dry a few days before placing it on the natural fireplace shelf. Use long, thin nails to secure the wood plank to the wall.