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Can Steel Roofing Be Installed Vertically?

Steel roofing is popular for its durability and low-maintenance requirements. Naturally, some homeowners would wonder if they could use the same material to side their homes or outbuildings. Steel roofing is the same material as steel siding and can be installed vertically. Some styles of steel roofing make more attractive siding than others, but any will do the job.
  1. Panels for Siding

    • Steel siding comes in a variety of styles. Some mimic wooden lap siding or shake siding. Standing seam roofing panels are also a common siding choice. Ridges interlock, creating a solid sheet of siding that is virtually impenetrable. When finished with metal channel trim, steel siding has a neat appearance. It can be hung either vertically or horizontally, depending on your preference.


    • Steel siding is a long-lasting siding solution. It carries the same benefits as steel roofing, such as low-care requirements because of baked on finishes. Steel siding is virtually indestructible, able to withstand blows from all but the most violent lawnmowers (even then it dents and remains intact). It will not tear or warp in the sun or become brittle from cold exposure.


    • Beyond the fact that steel siding is more expensive than other options, correct steel siding installation can be difficult. Panels are bulky and can be tricky to cut into irregular shapes, such as cut-outs for windows and doors. Steel siding can be scratched and dented, requiring repair or replacement to ward off rust. Over time, steel siding will fade -- resurfacing it is not a simple matter. The paint that is on steel siding is akin to vehicle paint, requiring a special application process to re-coat.

    Installation Tips

    • Install steel siding using the same overlap and fasteners as you would for a roof. Instead of allowing it to touch the ground, however, terminate the sheet about 6 inches above the ground. Use treated wood or cement as a base for the siding. Some applications benefit aesthetically from being terminated with channel trim, especially on existing structures.