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Yellow Flowers That Palmetto Bugs Like

The palmetto bug, otherwise known as the American cockroach (Periplameta Americana), is the largest common species of cockroach, according to Jefferson Davis Community College. These reddish-brown bugs have a pale brown to light yellow border and well developed wings although they rarely fly. Palmetto bugs like shady, moist locations, such as woodpiles, trees and ground cover plants with a low-growing, spreading formation. Many species of ground cover blossom with yellow flowers.
  1. Vines

    • Carolina jessamine (Gelsemium sempervirens) is a fragrant climbing evergreen vine that blooms with tubular yellow flowers in late winter to early spring. Its simple medium green foliage has an opposite arrangement and an ovate shape. Landscapers use this plant is an ornamental vine and ground cover. Bougainvillea (Bougainvillea spp.) is a semi-evergreen to evergreen vine with a creeping formation that covers other plants. This woody plant has grayish-green bark with purple markings and sharp thorns. In the summer, small paper-thin flowers develop in multiple colors, including yellow.


    • Tombstone rose (Rosa banksia) is a low-growing bush with narrow, reaching branches that reach 12 to 20 feet in length. This ornamental is typically used as a ground cover for slopes, trained trellises and hedges. Tombstone rose flowers in early spring to summer with double and single clusters of yellow to white blossoms. African bush daisy (Gamolepis chrysanthemoides) is an herbaceous bush with a low-growing configuration used as a ground cover. This 2- to 4-foot tall perennial has a spread of 3 to 4 feet wide with dense evergreen foliage. Small yellow flowers bloom year-round.


    • Creeping Mahonia (Mahonia repens) is a 1- to 3-foot tall broadleaf evergreen shrub used as a ground cover. This Berberidaceae family plant has a low, creeping habit and a clumping mound-like formation. During spring, clusters of aromatic small yellow flowers form, and summer brings blue fruits that resemble grapes. Lydia broom (Genista lydia) is a deciduous or evergreen shrub, depending on the climate. This member of the Fabaceae plant family has a low-growing formation and reaches heights of 2 feet. In May, brilliant yellow small flowers, similar to pea plants, develop.

    Herbaceous Plants

    • Cape blanco sedum (Sedum spathulifolium) is a low-growing, mat-like ground cover with evergreen foliage covered in a silvery-white wax. This perennial plant only reaches heights of 2 inches with a spread of 2 feet. June through July, close-knit large groups of small star-shaped yellow flowers form. Lavender cotton (Santolina chamaecyparissus) is a 6- to 18-inch tall ground cover with a spreading mounding configuration. This Asteraceae family plant has finely textured gray foliage and creeping stems that grow rapidly. Lavender cotton blossoms August through September with groups of yellow flowers.