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How to Get Custom Cabinets Made

Ordering custom cabinets is a fairly easy process. But getting custom cabinets installed requires some planning and decision making on your part, as well as additional decisions during the process. The physical work, however, is left to professionals. Use your judgment when dealing with professionals and never be afraid to ask for deals or special treatment.


    • 1

      Select a cabinetry company that you want to use. This will be a personal decision based on the company's prices, reputation and work record. As friends and family in the area if they can make any recommendations.

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      Visit the showroom to begin forming an idea of what styles, colors and woods you want to use. Consulting with the professionals in the showroom can help you to narrow your choices, and may make you aware of possibilities that you hadn't thought of.

    • 3

      Provide the professional in the showroom with blueprints of the room in which you want cabinets. If you do not have blueprints, a rough sketch of the dimensions of the room with the locations of doors and windows is often accepted. The professional may also ask to see samples of the paint, countertops, tiles or other decorative items to help you make an informed decision.

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      Bring the professional to your home. He will take detailed measurements of the space in order to ensure that the cabinets are correct in every detail.

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      Review the final design, based on the measurements and your decisions, with the professional. This is the time to ask any lingering questions that you have not yet addressed.

    • 6

      Obtain an estimate for the work. Many companies will provide multiple estimates offering different options to give you more choices. Look over this estimate carefully to understand where every dollar is going as well as to ensure the time that it will take for the work to be completed.

    • 7

      Sign a contract with the company. You will usually be asked to pay a down payment at this time. Do not pay the entire balance up front, an unscrupulous company could run away with all of your money. A portion of the payment should be withheld until the work is completed.

    • 8

      Schedule the installation of your cabinets once they have been manufactured. Be sure to provide the workers with cold drinks while they work, and tip them if they do an especially good job. Don't feel that you must vacate the house while they work. If you want, sit right in the room during the entire process.