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Gas Is Leaking From My Andersen Windows

Andersen windows contain gas, which gives them higher insulation properties than regular windows. They are used in colder climates and can boost energy savings because of the amount of heat saved. However, some homeowners may be alarmed if the windows start to lose gas. This can be a benign issue or a cause for concern, depending on how much gas is being lost. Inspect your windows carefully to determine the appropriate course of action.


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      Inspect the window for cracks, holes or breaks. If there is obvious damage, the window will need to be repaired. However, if the window appears undamaged, it should function normally. It is common for Andersen windows to lose a small amount of gas. They still retain their full insulating ability even when they are only 80 percent filled with gas.

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      Call an Andersen repair technician if the window is damaged or foggy. A foggy or discolored window has lost all of its gas and its insulating ability. If the window is still under warranty, it can be replaced or repaired by the manufacturer. Andersen guarantees its windows for 20 years.

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      Replace the window immediately if it is misshapen. Gas-filled windows will sometimes lose gas so quickly that they can't suck enough air back in to replace it. This makes the glass start to buckle, and the window can eventually break.