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Basement Dehumidifier & Ventilation Systems

Depending on the area you live in, you may have problems with excessive humidity in your home. In a basement, humidity can be an even bigger issue because of its location below ground level. If you use your basement for storage space, high levels of humidity could ruin some of your belongings. If the basement is an actual room of the house, you will definitely need to control humidity levels, as high humidity could cause or worsen medical problems. Basement dehumidifiers or a good basement ventilation system may be the answer to your basement humidity problems.
  1. Ventilation System

    • Installing a ventilation system in your basement is the most efficient way to eliminate humidity. Such a system functions by bringing fresh air into the basement to filter out moisture-saturated air. The efficiency of this system makes it the best means of combating humidity, but some disadvantages exist. The cost of a good ventilation system may be several hundred dollars, and you would either have to spend time installing it yourself or pay for a professional to help.

    Basement Dehumidifiers

    • Basement humidifiers are designed for use in areas of extreme humidity. They are portable and small, and specially geared toward the higher levels of humidity a basement might experience compared to other rooms in the house. These dehumidifiers can also be used in other rooms if you wish.

    Other Types of Humidifiers

    • There are portable dehumidifiers that are designed for areas with the moderate humidity usually found in the living areas of homes. These dehumidifiers might be used in the basement, despite not being specifically geared toward it. Chemical dehumidifiers, for example, absorb moisture in the air with a chemical substance, usually silica or salt. These humidifiers are smaller and quieter than those designed for basements, and if you own a large basement, they may not be able to handle the task.

    Other Things to Consider

    • The principal reason for investing in basement dehumidifiers is to get rid of humidity that can be uncomfortable or exacerbate medical problems. If mold is already growing in your basement, then a dehumidifier will not solve the problem. Do a good scan of the basement and thoroughly clean and disinfect any areas where mold has already formed. Identify and seal any cracks that appear in the floors or walls that could let in moisture. After that, using a dehumidifier should help you keep mold under control.