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How to Prove Hail Damage to a Roof for the Insurance Company

Proving that damage to your roof was caused by hail can assure that you receive the full home restoration benefits from your insurance company. You can make your case clear if the insurance company's adjuster assesses the roof damage in your presence. While the adjuster will know what to look for, your knowledge of the damaged areas and materials can prove valuable.

Things You'll Need

  • Pen and paper
  • Ladder
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      Write down the date of the hailstorm that caused damage to your roof. Your insurance company may have a limit on the allowable elapsed time between the hailstorm and the claim that you file.

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      Assess and record the damage to your roof caused by hail. Climb up to the top of the roof and look to make sure there is no pattern to the damage. Strike marks, holes and abrasions caused by hail vary in size and have a random arrangement.

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      Hire a contractor to further inspect the hail damage before your insurance company's adjuster comes if you can afford to do so.

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      Keep damaged items handy. Do not discard damaged furniture and other materials before the insurance company's adjuster has come to assess the hail damage.

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      Prepare a list of the damaged areas such as windows, siding, shutters and satellite dishes. Include the damaged materials in this list. You may be able to present this list to the insurance company's adjuster even if you are not present for his assessment. Send a copy to the insurance company ahead of time if you cannot schedule an assessment at which you will be present.

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      Point out the noted damage to your insurance company's adjuster when he arrives. Ask the contractor to return at the time of your appointment with the adjuster to help point out the hail damage, if possible.