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Spring Color Ideas for Your Garage Door

If you are giving your garage door a new coat of paint to celebrate spring, look to nature for your color tones. Yellow and green are frequently associated with spring as grass starts to grow and flowers bloom, but your garage door is also a part of your home, so choose colors that tie in well with the rest of your color scheme. By taking surrounding colors into account, you can have a fresh new look for your garage that does not seem garish or out of place.
  1. Gold

    • Your garage door should reflect the color of your home so it doesn't draw attention away from the house or make your home appear smaller. However, a cheerful golden yellow can brighten your garage door for spring, especially if it is flanked by planters or flower beds with marigolds, daffodils and other colorful flowers. Choose a warm, rich gold that complements the other colors in your area, especially if your primary exterior color is white, gray or any color of stone or brick.


    • Grass shoots and leaves that bud and grow in spring tend to give a sense of renewal and growth to the area. Most house paint colors don't look good with a bright grass-green garage, however. Incorporate spring greens without overwhelming your home's look by painting your garage a silvery sage green or slightly more vibrant mint tone. Brown, dark red and gray homes will get a pleasant face lift from a sage garage door, while white and certain shades of blue can work well with a mint green color tone. If your house is already dark green, choose a garage shade that is about three shades lighter than the rest of your home; if you have a pale green home already, you may actually benefit from a brighter grass green. Tie in your new spring garage door color by painting the trim around your home the same tone.


    • Nature is full of bright pinks and magentas in spring, and the deeper shades of pink--even those that lean toward purple--can really enliven the look of yellow, white, beige and gray homes. As with other colors, tie in the garage door color with splashes of the same color elsewhere around your home, such as roof, window or door trim. Planting fuchsias, petunias and other flowers with strong pink and magenta tones will add to your home's spring face lift as well.