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How to Make a Fresh Smelling Continuous Air Freshener for the House

Homemade, fresh-smelling air fresheners can be made with a myriad of ingredients obtained from craft and hobby supply stores. Whether you enjoy potpourris, sachets or ornamental diffuser setups, you can add fresh, continuous scents throughout your home environment, regardless of how much traffic passes through. Make an air freshener for reach room of your house if you want, or produce them as thoughtful, hand-crafted gifts for your loved ones.

Things You'll Need

  • Basket
  • Assorted flowers
  • Assorted herbs
  • Potpourri mix
  • 8 oz. ornamental vase
  • 10 bamboo chopsticks
  • 4 oz. carrier oil
  • 4 oz. essential oil blend
  • Mixing bowl
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  1. Easy Potpourri

    • 1

      Add a premixed potpourri blend of your choice to a low-profile basket. Select a blend of potpourri from a craft store that corresponds with your favorite scent.

    • 2

      Snip the stems and leaves from an assortment of aromatic flowers and herbs of your choice. Ideal blends for fresh scents include garden mint, rosemary, sage and rose petals.

    • 3

      Shake the basket lightly to mix the contents of it a little. Sit the basket somewhere for ornament and continuous fresh scent, even as the herbs and flowers dry with the potpourri blend.

    Diffuser Aroma

    • 4

      Add 4 oz. of carrier oil to a decorative 8 oz. glass vase. Coconut oil proves to be a light oil that suspends scent well.

    • 5

      Create a blend of 4 oz. essential oil in a mixing bowl. For example, 1 oz. each of lemon, ginger, sage and rosemary creates an invigorating and fresh scent.

    • 6

      Add the created blend of essential oil to the vase containing the carrier oil.

    • 7

      Insert the bundle of bamboo sticks into the vase. Sit the vase somewhere in your home for ornament. Over time, the bamboo sticks will suck up the scented oil and disperse the essence continuously throughout your environment.