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How to Reset a GE Simon 3 60-875-11

The GE Simon security system offers a variety of features, including door and window monitors and options for the sound of the alarm. Sometimes the security system may suffer from problems or glitches; to stop them, you can reset the alarm. Resetting the alarm requires an installation code. Unfortunately, you must call the alarm company's hotline to receive this code. The hotline should be listed on the box that came with your alarm.


    • 1

      Disarm the alarm. Enter the pass code into the alarm panel and press the "Disarm" button. This button is part of the "Home Security" panel of buttons. It is the second button from the right.

    • 2

      Turn off the circuit breaker that provides power for the alarm.

    • 3

      Remove the battery from the alarm. Open the battery tab and pull out the battery leads. These leads are the wires that connect to the battery.

    • 4

      Allow the alarm to remain off for at least five minutes.

    • 5

      Reconnect the leads.

    • 6

      Turn on the circuit breaker for the alarm. Hold the "TEST/RESET" button on the alarm.

    • 7

      Input the installer code. To determine this code, you must call the alarm company's customer service line. After inputting this code, the software will reset.